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    Your brand's mission & values set you apart.

        Storytelling lets the world know. 

    Video has the power to engage people emotionally and connect them with your purpose.


    Hunter Media brings a passion for creative storytelling, honed in studio projects for Disney and MGM, to deliver the heart and soul of your brand.


    Keeping tight budgets and incorporating elements of your story, we emotionally connect your mission, your values and your brand with consumers, retailers and distributors alike.


    According to Forbes, “Video marketing is an incredible way to create content that is personal and has a real impact on your audience. It has an incomparable ability to create emotion driven sales – and sales are always personal on some level.”

    While 95% of consumers retain info from video, vs only 10% from reading (Forbes), videos on social media also generate 12X more shares than text and images combined (Simply Measured.)

    Anthony Grieco with Billy Ray (Oscar nom

    Our Clients

    TGS Award - PGA.jpg
    From the Director.jpg
    Norm Hunter
    CEO/Creative Lead
    • Creative, results-oriented
    • Millions of views on YouTube, Disney Channel, MGM
    • Winner - 3 Film Festivals
    • Winner - Producer's Guild of America - Writing Awards
    • Cost-effective, tech-savvy, fun

    The Team

    Leslie Hunter
    Senior Creative
    • Creative Writing & Story Guru
    • Storywriter for brand and film screenstories
    • Taste-maker sensibilities
    • Legal Consultant
    Anthony Grieco with Billy Ray (Oscar nom
    • Award-winning writers
    • In-house editors
    • DP's for all budget levels
    • Music - custom and stock
    • Multi-tasking small crews

    Contact Us

    Let's create together.

    Norm Hunter:   415/307-0341

    Distilling your story.

    Emotionally connecting your 

    audience with your mission and values via your unique story.

    We craft an engaging story that reveals the value in your brand and sets you apart from the crowd.  

    Where we shine...

    Making it happen.

    Award-winning directors, DP's, editors and musical talent - creating new ways to tell your story.

    Projects and budgets ranging from efficient one-man shoots with DSLRs to complete film crews with cinema camera packages.

    Delivering the goods.

    Creative shoots...discovery in editing...the magic of music.

    Longer pieces for your website or YouTube, shorter versions for Instagram, Facebook and emails.

    Connect with your audience like never before.

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